Friday, March 03, 2006

New Chains Coming to Silver Spring

It looks like even more chain restaurants & stores are headed to Silver Spring. According to the DTSS site, DSW Shoe Warehouse, Fuddruckers, Z Pizza and Old Dominion Brewing Company are all scheduled to move into the downtown area in the coming months.

I assume the DSW will be moving into the large unoccupied space next to Borders. I am pretty happy about this one. It’s kind of a crapshoot when shopping for men’s shoes there, so it will be nice to have one conveniently located where I can stop in and browse on a whim.

It’s disappointing that if we’re going to be getting a burger chain, it has to be Fuddruckers (self-proclaimed home of the "World's Greatest Hamburgers") rather than Five Guys. In an ideal world, Silver Spring would be the home of the first ever east coast In-N-Out Burger location. I can dream.

I don’t know much about Z Pizza, other than what I can gather from their website. It is a California-based chain, and there are already a few locations open in the DC Metro area. Seriously, can it possibly be better than Mama Lucia’s? I guess that 2 blocks to East-West & Colesville is probably way to far to walk for many people.

From what I can tell, this will only be the second Old Dominion Brewpub, the only other location being in Ashburn, Virginia. I guess this qualifies as “local”, but as a Maryland guy, this stills feels to me like some sort of cross-Potomac invasion. Isn’t there “Old Line Brewpub” or something out there that we can bring in instead?

On a side note, is this supposed to be the "new face" of Silver Spring?