Friday, March 24, 2006

The most expensive housing in PG county - Silver Spring

OK, I admit I had no idea that part of Silver Spring is actually in P.G. County:

[PG County's] most expensive Zip code technically was the portion of Silver Spring's 20904 that is in Prince George's, where one house sold for $799,000.
The funny part about this is that Silver Spring is the BEST part of P.G. County. Is it possible for MoCo to annex the 20904 Zip code, or do we just treat that area like an embarassing uncle, better to just not talk about?

Meanwhile, Silver Spring home prices continue to be insane:
In the 20906 Zip code, which includes parts of Wheaton and Silver Spring, homes sold for a median price of $383,200, up 18 percent.

UPDATE: I think that the Post article may have been in error when it stated that the 20904 Zip code was partially located in P.G. county. According to a map on the P.G. county website, it is actually the 20903 Silver Spring Zip code that extends into P.G. (And it is BARELY in P.G.) This much-prettier map from the MoCo official site labels 20904 as "Colesville", whatever the hell that means. I still think this area should be annexed a la the Rhineland? Of course, I hate to compare Silver Spring to Nazi Germany, although some seem to think that the Silver Spring cops dress like Nazis...


Anonymous said...

Of course Silver Spring is the best part of PG...the best part of MoCo...the best part of Maryland...well, you get the idea.

Anonymous said...

I happen to live in 20904 Colesville, "whatever the hell that is" and it is definitley NOT in PG County. My tax bill comes from Montomgery County and is just as outrageous as other county residents.

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