Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Georgia Avenue underpass getting a makeover

I’m somewhat ambivalent about this idea, but the Georgia Avenue railroad underpass is going to be ‘spruced up’ with a mural painted by students in conjunction with Arts on the Block, a non-profit arts organization. The theme of the project is Art Deco transportation and the motif is Art Deco(of which I am a big fan), and the mural was designed by artist Byron Peck.

I guess this is kind of a ‘wait and see’ situation – if done right, it could be nice. If done wrong, it could turn the bridge into a Technicolor nightmare. If nothing else, hopefully the smell of fresh paint will cover up the urine smell that usually permeates the pedestrian walkway under the bridge.

I don’t know what the theme would be (Penguins? Acorns? Penguins holding acorns?), but I’d love to see Silver Spring host a public sculpture exhibit in the mold of D.C.’s Pandamania and Party Animals.


Anonymous said...

The theme is transportation.

Sligo said...

Duly noted and corrected.

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