Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Dubya coming to Silver Spring

President Bush is scheduled to appear at an assisted-living facility in Silver Spring tomorrow to push his prescription drug plan on old people. Where exactly he is appearing, I am not sure, but it follows a visit earlier today in Canandaigua, New York with a similar purpose. When I find out, I'll post an update.

Bush has left his White House cocoon before to visit Silver Spring (and not just drive through)- last year he visited Montgomery Blair High School to push his (failed) Social Security program. That morning I drove by the school, not knowing that what was going on. They had created a wall around the school using school buses and public works trucks. It reminded me of a scene from The Road Warrior.

UPDATE: Bush will be at Riderwood Village ("a cruise ship without any seasickness"), just off Cherry Hill Road. (Which makes it just barely Silver Spring.)

Democratic Senate hopefull Ben Cardin will be in Silver Spring ahead of the president to lead a protest against the plan.


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