Monday, March 13, 2006

"Bridge to Nowhere"

Montgomery Blair's student newspaper, Silver Chips has an interesting commentary on the pedestrian bridge that spans the entrance to the Beltway from Georgia Avenue (exit 31).

The article deals what the author claims are unecessary expeditures made by the county to build this bridge and suggests that the money could have been better spent building a crossing over the corner of University and Colesville. Personally, I think there needs to be a better way to cross the intersection at Georgia & Colesville. I have seen several near misses at the crosswalk that goes between the Discovery building and the Silver Spring Shopping Center. Cars have a green light going south on Colesville, and will take quick turns left onto Georgia. At the same time, pedestrians have a walk signal to cross Georgia, and often drivers will not look before turning and will suddenly find a pedestrian in their path. I have many issues with the behavior of both drivers and pedestrians in downtown Silver Spring, but that's a post for another day.


Anonymous said...

Nah, if you had something over Georgia & Colesville, people wouldn't bother to go up the stairs/ramp/whatever to go across. They'd just take a "shortcut" across the street at ground level, and the problem would remain the same.

Dumbek said...

I wouldn't call it "unnecessary", but I would call it extravagant. All of the intersections mentioned are terrible. They should have built 2 x $3.85million bridges rather than 1 $7.7million bridge.

The downtown intersection is tougher. As Anonymous says, you have to remove access for people to cross at ground level or they'll just ignore whatever bridge, tunnel or hovercraft you provide for them. That's what happened in Wheaton, before they fenced-off the median.

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